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A memorable Iftar at the Pêcheur Restaurant
Gastronomy / 05-05-2020 A memorable Iftar at the Pêcheur Restaurant

Tribute to good Tunisian and international cuisine appreciated for the richness of the aromas and the refinement, the Iftar's arabesque buffet is based on fresh ingredients and varied spices that complement the taste in an incomparable way.

For Ramadan evenings to be special, the Pêcheur awaits you with a beautiful terrace and a gargantuan menu that will delight the taste buds: salads, soups, briks, hot buffet, grilled dishes, toppings and a variety of Tunisian pastries.

The Pêcheur's dinner takes you into a world that recalls the 1001 nights and that will make you open all the senses and enjoy a trully oriental experience.

And to finish in style, the S'hour as the last culinary escape before the sunrise.

If you are going to choose the Pêcheur you will find yourself in a world where creative chefs tell spicy stories and olive oil binds each dish as the refrain binds each song.

The attractive aromas and architectural elements create a specific picture, characterized by hospitality and attention to detail for culinary and visual delight.