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The Monuments

At the heart of the medina you will find a city centre full of life and entertainment with its traditional souks and cafes, the Rhaba. The surrounding buildings are inspired by Italian, Tunisian, Moroccan or oriental architecture.

The Medina is full of reproductions of symbolic monuments related to the different eras and civilizations of Arab history. The Skia al kahla gate for example is representative of Fatimid architecture. The Red Dome is as a jewel of Arabic architecture in Sicily and the Golden Tower, recently transformed into a marine museum is one of the most beautiful testimonies of the Muslim civilization of Seville. You may also admire the Blue Tower, a tribute to the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.

Further away stand the ancient walls of the city of Mahdia dating from the 10th century, as well as the ruins of the ramparts of the city of Sfax. Theses incredible memorial sites are will allow you to dive into Tunisia’s legends and history and legends.

Coffee Om kalthoum

This café is a tribute to the great Egyptian singer, musician and actress Oum Kalthoum, nicknamed the Astre d'Orient (1898-1975). Her songs are listened to and appreciated throughout the Arab world and especially in Tunisia, a country she visited in May 1968, a year after the defeat of the Egyptian army during the war of 1967. It was at the time Welcomed with great pomp by President Habib Bourguiba and gave two concerts at the El Menzah stadium in Tunis.

A beautiful staircase distinguishes in two parts this place of relaxation. Below, the café Oum Kalthoum bears the name of the one found in Cairo, a true temple to the memory of this great Egyptian singer. Its followers can hear, from morning to evening, the voice of the eternal "damsel". Here the walls are decorated with his engraved portrait and extracts of his songs.

At the top, the café El Alia evokes that of Sidi Bou Said, also known as mats coffee. It is renowned for its breathtaking view, dominating the village from the top of its monumental staircase. It is equipped with an original room, with beautiful traditional decoration.