The Monuments

At the heart of the medina you will find a city centre full of life and entertainment with its traditional souks and cafes, the Rhaba. The surrounding buildings are inspired by Italian, Tunisian, Moroccan or oriental architecture.

The Medina is full of reproductions of symbolic monuments related to the different eras and civilizations of Arab history. The Skia al kahla gate for example is representative of Fatimid architecture. The Red Dome is as a jewel of Arabic architecture in Sicily and the Golden Tower, recently transformed into a marine museum is one of the most beautiful testimonies of the Muslim civilization of Seville. You may also admire the Blue Tower, a tribute to the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.

Further away stand the ancient walls of the city of Mahdia dating from the 10th century, as well as the ruins of the ramparts of the city of Sfax. Theses incredible memorial sites are will allow you to dive into Tunisia’s legends and history and legends.

Coffee Safsaf

In the heart of La Marsa, a small town on the northern outskirts of Tunis, Saf Saf Café attracts many people, summer and winter alike. This old 18th century cafe features an ancient well dating back to still earlier times. It is covered with zellig tiles: Andalusian faience. A beautiful noria, bucket wheel serves to raise the water of the well thanks to a camel that turns tirelessly. The great painters of the 1950s, Yahya Turki, Noureddine Khayachi and Jellal Ben Abdallah frequented Saf Saf and represented him in their paintings. The great Tunisian singers like Naama and Ali Riahi celebrated it in their songs. It has remained very popular and very frequented by Tunisians and now also by tourists.

"Who has not buried the memory of one afternoon in Saf Saf at La Marsa? They are rare the Tunisians who have not attended at least once in their lives this mythical coffee which crystallizes in the well preserved traditions all the Tunisian savoir-vivre, combining simplicity and sweetness, austerity and good taste: the brik à l ' Egg, tuna and harissa snack, mechmoum (jasmine bouquet), halleb (jar), mint tea, Turkish coffee and exquisite jokes by playing an umpteenth part of Chichebiche (back gammon) and chotrange (chess). Popular cafe if it is but frequented by the bourgeois, artists, tourists, meeting space, highlight of memory, Saf Saf is all this at the same time "Ridha Kefi.